Meet The Band

Meet Shaftesbury Town Silver Band

The Band comprises of many players of various ages and standards, please meet them below:

The Musical Director


Mr Martin Hill - Musical Director

The Cornet Section


Mrs Sharon Hawkes - Principal Cornet

Mrs Jenny Lee -

Solo Cornet

Mrs Stephanie Sanders -

Solo Cornet

Mr Stuart Chapman -

Solo Cornet

Miss Robyn Chapman -

Solo Cornet

Mrs Clare Chapman -

2nd Cornet

Mr Colin Lee -

Soprano Cornet

Miss Emma Hawkes -

2nd Cornet

Mrs Diana Frith-

Repiano Cornet

Mr Jon Huxley

3rd Cornet

Master Harry Walting -

3rd Cornet

The Horn Section

Mr Alex Drake -

Flugel Horn

Miss Anna Penny

Solo Horn

Mrs Beki Lowe-

1st Horn

Mrs Sarah Adams

2nd Horn

The Baritone Section

Mrs Sue Keeling

1st Baritone

Michelle Ward

2nd Baritone

Mr Graham Elliott

2nd Baritone

The Euphonium Section

Mrs Zena Ward-

Principal Euphonium

Mr Greg Lowe-

2nd Euphonium

The Trombone Section


Mr Andy Ferry -

1st Trombone

Mr Neil Harvey  -

2nd Trombone

The Bass Section


Mr John Kenyon -

Bass Trombone

Mr Martin Frith -

Eb Bass

Mrs Tracey Hill -

Eb Bass

Mr Philip Elsworth -

Eb / Bb Bass

Mr Andy Smith -

Bb Bass

The Percussion Section



Shaftesbury Town Silver Band

The Band Hall, Bleke Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8QA

Registered Charity 272454