Carol Playing

Shaftesbury Town Silver Band - Carol Playing

Christmas Time is a very busy time for Shaftesbury Town Silver Band.

Events include but are not limited to:

Shaftesbury Late Night Shopping

Shaftesbury Town Silver Band Christmas Concert

Other Village Christmas Concerts and Carol Playing

Carol playing for the Christmas Markets

Carol Playing outside Supermarkets

Carol Playing in General

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Late night Shopping - 2014

After the High Street Parade the Band then played throughout the high street.

In this photo: L to R

Philip Elsworth, Neil Harvey, Robyn Chapman, Glyn Chapman, Tim Green, Mike Harvey, Beki Keeling, Sue Keeling and James White.

In 2015.

Berwick St John - Christmas Concert 2014 (Below)

It was the first year for a Christmas Concert in this village. The Band were well received and this is planned to return in 2015.

Shaftesbury Christmas Fair - 2014

The Band then played outside the Town Hall and then through the hall during the morning of the Fair.

In this photo: L to R

Sharon Hawkes, Stephanie Sanders, Tony MacDonald, Anna Penny, John Fanner, Sue Keeling, Beki Keeling, Tracey Hill, Greg Lowe and seated Roz Franklin.

Town Hall

Carol playing outside the Town Hall


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Shaftesbury Town Silver Band

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